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Kase Anamorphic Film Lens

Kase Anamorphic Film Lens

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Kase Anamorphic Film Lens - Get The Widescreen Film Look - Highly Durable - Cinema Grade Glass - Made From The Highest Grade Of Aluminum - Lensworks Out Of The Box

* BRILLIANT! Cinema Grade Glass ensures you can create awesome 4k images (if your device allows) like a pro!

* STRONG! Made from the highest grade of aluminum ensures you can highly durable!

* GETS THE JOB DONE! The lens works out of the box working with the latest iPhones, iPads, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more - FAST!

* REMARKABLE RESULTS! The Lens is cross compatible with the Kase Lens Holder case providing you the ability to put your phone in the Kase Lens Holder, snap it into the iOgrapher Multi Case, add the lens and you are ready to shoot! - BOOM!

* EXCELLENT! Works perfectly with the Filmic Pro app to desqueeze the image, enabling you to bring the footage into your go-to editing app, saving you time just like pro filmmakers, and photographers do. 

If you want to create awesome widescreen 4k images (if your device allows), get a highly durable lens that works with the latest iPhones, iPads, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more... then this is the best anamorphic lens you'll ever purchase!

Kase Anamorphic Film Lens is an amazing new anamorphic lens that enables every mobile filmmaker to get the widescreen film look! And flares too!

You've waited long enough to get an awesome anamorphic lens and make your movie with your iPhone, iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more! - Order Now!


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