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iOgrapher Filmmaker's Essential Gear Bundle

iOgrapher Filmmaker's Essential Gear Bundle

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Presenting the iOgrapher Filmmaker's Essential Gear Bundle, a meticulously curated collection of tools designed for the modern mobile filmmaker. This bundle is your comprehensive kit for producing professional-grade videos using your smartphone.

The bundle includes:

1. **Frame by iOgrapher**: A cornerstone of mobile filmmaking, this lightweight frame is perfect for on-the-go shooting, providing stability and versatility for various filming scenarios.

2. **Kase Lens Protective Case**: Precision-engineered for your smartphone, this case not only offers protection but also serves as the perfect mount for Kase lenses, ensuring accurate camera alignment and high-quality material construction.

3. **Kase Lens 3X Telephoto Lens**: Bring distant subjects closer with this 3x telephoto lens, ideal for capturing detailed and crisp images from afar. Its easy-to-use design allows for quick changes between shots, enhancing your mobile photography experience.

4. **Kase Lens Wide Angle Lens**: Expand your visual storytelling with the wide-angle lens, perfect for capturing expansive landscapes, group shots, and more.

5. **iOgrapher Wireless Lavalier Microphones**: This set includes two transmitter lavalier mics and a receiver compatible with lightning or USB-C ports, ensuring high-quality audio recording for your videos.

6. **iOgrapher Accessory Pack**: Conveniently carry and protect your filmmaking gear with this specially designed accessory pack, tailored for the mobile filmmaker.

7. Manfrotto Lumimuse 3 Led Light - Capture your subject in better lighting. 

The iOgrapher Filmmaker's Essential Gear Bundle is the ultimate toolkit for anyone looking to elevate their mobile filmmaking, from aspiring creators to seasoned professionals.

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