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iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II

iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II

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Do you like making videos with your mobile device? Are you looking for something to make your videos look even more professional and stand out from the rest? We offer you the iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II. It is a small, but very useful piece of equipment that will let you achieve the desired lighting effect. This product has enough efficiency to be an easy choice for a beginner and exciting enough for experienced video-makers to try. It doesn’t matter how advanced your skills are, it is an item that will definitely compliment your video production kit.

The iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II can be clipped on any mobile device and even a computer. The professional lighting effect will make your videos look much better. If you are a content creator, getting the best lighting is a must, but you can also find this product useful for vlogging and even video calls. To make things even better the Mini Ring Light has 3 levels of brightness, so you can adjust the exact amount of light you want for the best effect. The CCT of the LED light source is 3500-6500K.

You can shoot videos on the go with this exciting piece of equipment. It has a built-in battery that lasts for at least 4 hours of usage and has a capacity of 1000mAh. You can easily recharge it using USB. To guarantee the long life of this item we made sure that only high-quality materials were used in its production. The Mini Ring Light is made of PC and ABS. It is durable and sturdy, but also easy to carry and super lightweight. It weighs only 50g and has a diameter of 3.15’.

This small gadget we’ve been telling you about can be the perfect gift for a birthday. Everyone has a profile on social media today and most of us like to make videos and share them with friends. With the help of our product you may inspire the start of a promising career in content creation.

We are a brand that prides itself in offering a great number of useful and efficient pieces of gear for content creators. Our catalog includes starter packs for beginners, as well as the latest and exciting new equipment for veteran filmmakers. Our goal is to take care of the technical side of things and let you flesh out your ideas and creativity in the form of engaging and inspiring videos.

All things considered, we offer you a product with enough efficiency and quality to be considered a definite purchase. We offer you all that at a very reasonable price. Add this item to your shopping cart and start making your best videos!

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