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Kase Lens USA

Kase 52mm Circular Polarizer Filter

Kase 52mm Circular Polarizer Filter

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Create Sports Highlight Film That Gets Noticed

As a coach, attracting college recruiters to your student-athletes in hopes of securing scholarships is one of your priorities. Since college recruiters are unable to travel to every school across the nation, creating and delivering high-quality sports highlight films is the best way to get eyes on your athletes. 

Is your athletic program still relying bulky, antiquated film equipment? Are your highlight videos grainy? Are you limited to the number of angles you can film because of the high cost of expensive equipment?

The iOgrapher Coaches Bundle solves those problems and more. This is the sports highlight filmmaking bundle used by coaches, teams, and parents all over the world. 

The iOgrapher Coaches Bundle includes:

  • iOgrapher Multi Case
  • iOgrapher Filmmaking Case for iPhone 11
  • Kase Wide Angle Lens (perfect for filming the whole area of play)
  • Kase 3X Telephoto Lens (perfect for shooting from high in the stands)
  • Kase 52mm Filter Adapter
  • Kase 52mm Circular Polarizer Filter
  • iOgrapher Multi Use Tripod II (lightweight and heavy-duty)

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