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Kase 52mm CPL II - Circular Polarizing Filter for Kase Lenses

Kase 52mm CPL II - Circular Polarizing Filter for Kase Lenses

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When you take pictures, sometimes even the smallest thing can ruin the perfect shot. Unwanted reflections and unbalanced color and contrast are quite often the reason why this happens. That’s why photographers use a lot of additional equipment in order to address different issues as they arise. We offer you the Kase 52mm CPL II Lens Filter. It is a high-quality filter, built with quality materials and possessing outstanding capabilities to make your pictures much better.

The Kase 52mm CPL II Lens Filter is, as the name states, a circular polarizer. This type of filter is frequently used in photography because it reduces light accurately and increases color saturation. It is designed to provide color and contrast enhancement to your photos and also to remove and control any unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water, glass, sky, etc. If you are shooting without a filter those reflections will create a glare, which will increase highlights, and reduce color and details.

You can use it with the Kase lenses to create awesome photos and videos. It works perfectly with other products we offer like the Kase Lens Holder Case and the Kase Lens Filter Mount (all sold separately). The more quality equipment you have in your rig, the better your projects will be.

We made sure that only high-quality materials are used in the production of this filter. The frame is made of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum and the lens is made of B270 cinema-grade glass, which is highly transparent and offers outstanding optical performance. The glass has multiple coatings, which make your pictures better, but also protect it from scratches, bacteria, mold, oil, and water. It is very lightweight and has an ultrathin frame. The quality of the materials guarantees the sturdiness, durability, and long life of this product and the gear you use with it.

We are a brand that prides itself in helping creators by offering them new and exciting gadgets, regardless of their skill level and the amount of their experience. Our vast catalog will be very helpful to beginners and hobbyists, but it will also offer intriguing pieces of equipment to veterans of the craft. We aim at taking care of the technical side of things, boosting your creativity, and helping your projects become better.

All things considered, we offer you a lens filter with enough quality and efficiency to be considered a definite purchase. We offer you all that at a very reasonable price. Add this item to your shopping cart and don’t let unwanted reflections ruin your perfect shot!


Note - Phone, Kase Protective Lens Case, and Kase lens not included ***

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