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Kase M17 Smartphone Filter Magnetic Adapter Ring | 41mm Diameter | Suitable for Circular Magnetic Filters

Kase M17 Smartphone Filter Magnetic Adapter Ring | 41mm Diameter | Suitable for Circular Magnetic Filters

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If you are already familiar with our Kase catalog, you should know that we offer smartphone photography products, which most of the time complement each other for even better results. That’s why we offer you the Kase M17 Smartphone Filter Magnetic Adapter Ring. It is a product that will let you get a lot more from the camera of your device. Its usefulness and the possible combinations with other Kase products will certainly make a visible and significant improvement in every single shot and in your projects in general.

The Kase M17 Smartphone Filter Magnetic Adapter Ring is a quick and easy way to safely and securely mount your circular magnetic filters on your camera. It has a 17mm thread mount and a diameter of 41mm. One side of the ring is magnetic and will let you quickly put a filter on or switch to a different one in an instant. You can even stack several filters for experimentation or a desired double effect. You can screw this adapter ring on the Kase Lens Holder Case (sold separately) and it also works perfectly with other Kase products like our numerous and highly efficient lenses and the various circular magnetic filters (also sold separately). The bigger your rig and the more quality equipment there is in it, the more prepared you will be when a great shot is there for the taking.

We made sure that only high-quality materials are used in the production of this item. This accessory is made of a quality, lightweight, but also a very durable magnetic alloy, which will provide the safe and secure attachment you expect. The quality of the materials guarantees the sturdiness, durability and long life of this product and also a higher assurance of safety for any other piece of equipment you use with it.

We are a brand that prides itself in offering new and exciting gadgets to creators, regardless of their skill level and the amount of their experience. Our vast catalog includes products, which will be helpful for beginners, and also others, which will be intriguing even for veterans of the craft. Our goal is to help you hone your photography skills, get the best out of your camera, boost your creativity and in the end make your projects better.

All things considered, we offer you an item with enough quality and usefulness to be considered a definite purchase. We offer you all that at a very reasonable price. Add this item to your shopping cart and be prepared for the next best picture!

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